The Juniper Lake Beanie was inspired by my love of cabled stitches and also for the fact that I’m not very good at actually knitting them. I think most of you can relate, or at least I hope you do! Who can turn down a good cabled beanie with its cozy twists and plush stitches right? But to actually pull out a cable needle and think about whether to cable front or cable back is just something I always put off for “next time”.

But let me tell you… I’ve found the easiest way to get the classic look of cables without the hassle. The faux cables are a series of Right Twists with a simple 4 row repeat and it is so quick to knit up, you’ll have them ready for markets and gifts in no time.

So, what do you need to know to make this pattern?

  • Knit in the round

  • Purl

Literally, thats it! So take out your knitting needles and I hope you’ll be making this hat on repeat throughout the season!
Happy knitting!

The Juniper Lake Beanie features a mock cable stitch that’s perfect for anyone who loves the cabled the look without actually having to do cables! The double brim makes an extra cozy hat and will keep you warm and cozy through the cold winter months.
Beanie is knit in the round and available in Adult S/M [Adult M/L] - numbers correspond to sizes respectively.

YARN: 1 ball Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (pictured in Cobalt)
NEEDLES: US 13/9mm and US 15/10mm 16” circulars
NOTIONS: Stitch marker, tapestry needle, scissors

Stockinette Stitch in the round
US 13/9mm
4 inches = 8 sts x 14 rows

Circumference: 18 [20]”
Height: 9.5”

K = knit
P = purl
RT = right twist (K into 2nd stitch, leave st on needle, K 1st stitch, slide both sts off)
RS = right side
St(s) = stitch(es)

Mock cable stitch pattern is a 4 row repeat.
If you’d like to make different sizes - cast on a multiple of 4 and work until desired height.

Cast on 36 [40] sts with US 13/9mm needles.
Place a stitch marker between the 1st and 2nd sts.
(The marker will help when you start to make the double brim.)
Join in the round and place marker to mark the beginning of the round.

Step 1:
K for 11 rounds
Step 2: P all sts
Step 3: K for 11 rounds
Step 4: Switch to US 15/10mm needles. Fold work in half along the P round so that the RS is facing out. K into both the working st and cast-on edge st where you placed the first stitch marker to start creating the double brim. Continue knitting the working st and corresponding cast-on edge st together to the end of round.
Step 5: * K2, P2; repeat from * to end of round
Step 6: * RT, P2; repeat from * to end of round
Step 7: * K2, P2; repeat from * to end of round
Step 8: * K2, P2; repeat from * to end of round
Step 9: Repeat Steps 5-8 (3 more times)
Leave about 8” tail for weaving, cut yarn, and pull tail through a tapestry needle.

Finishing: Slip sts from knitting needle onto the tapestry needle, pulling the tail through as you go. Pull tail to tighten. Bring the tail inside the beanie, tie a knot and weave the tail through the loops. Wet block your finished piece and you’re done!

Optional: A faux fur pom or a big fluffy yarn pom would add a nice finishing touch!

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